Sound volume - loud or quiet?

Either as long as the sound is pitch perfect

With our newest sound units, microphones and conference equipment we can provide various arrangements for your event. Our experts apply your concepts professionally.

Lighting - not just bright or dark!

Emotions are expressed…

We illuminate, set the scene and create a spectacle - whatever suits best your event. Professional lighting with the latest equipment makes it possible.

Video - everything is possible!

… and a challenge

Excellent screen images, soft edge projection, LED large screen displays, camera recordings, post production and edits: Tell us your requirements and our multimedia team will take care of your project.


Our top priority: safety first!

Motors and trussing systems provide a suitable framework and flexibility. Accurate calculations and planning according to the regulations of the building authority are guaranteed.


Step on the platform

or on a big stage – indoor, outdoor, with or without a roof… however you prefer it.

Trade Fair Construction

Now let's get creative!

Our latest construction systems provide you with the frame you need for your exhibition. In case you require something more exclusive, we can build a mountain, a car, a football pitch or sailing boat suitable for your stand.


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